Metamorph Publishing is a small press publishing company founded by Amazon top 100 and best-selling independent author Markie Madden. We currently offer many books authored by her, as well as books by other authors. Metamorph was formed in 2014 and is based in Southeast Missouri. Currently, Metamorph has books offered for sale in print and for e-readers: Once Upon a Western Way (Markie Madden’s first published book), Keeping a Backyard Horse, and My Butterfly Cancer, Fang and Claw (Undead Unit 1), and Unrelenting Hell (Apocalyptic Book 1) by Alana Madden in e-book, paperback, and audio books. Be a part of our Facebook Street Team and help promote by sharing posts, even offering to read and comment on advance copies of future books!

NEW: Doctor Who Fan Fiction by Markie Madden

Check out this short Doctor Who fan fiction written by author Markie Madden!

In 2015, author Naddya Foxfire joined the crew. Her debut book, Witchopedia: An A to Z Book of Shadows was released on May 1, 2015. This book is available in e-format as well as in print.

In 2016, award-winning poet Cynthia Ruby joined our family. Her debut book of poetry, Rubies from the Heart, is a collection of dark poems and haiku. This book will release on March 21, 2016. Also in 2016, authors Valarie Savage Kinney, Kirsten Campbell, Karen J. Mossman, Roger Whitmire, Chip Skelton, and Barbara Chioffi joined our client list!

In 2016, debut young adult author Alana Madden makes her first release, Unrelenting Hell (Apocalyptic Book 1), following in her mother’s footsteps and publishing her first book and a short story!

In 2017, authors Tamikio Reardon, Betty Sanchez, and Skye Anthony Ginn became a part of our author family!

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The Pharaoh’s Destiny by Markie Madden

Cover Design
© 2017 Metamorph Publishing

Coming in 2017 from author Markie Madden, this new historical series, the Pharaoh Queens series, set in ancient Egypt will tantalize you! Book 1 is The Pharaoh’s Destiny, available July 1, 2017!

Hatshepsut, the Great King’s Wife, is thrust into a world of intrigue and politics when her husband, Pharaoh Thutmose, dies suddenly, leaving Egypt with an heir who is barely two years old. The Queen must step into the role of leader, and there are few she can trust.

When Hatshepsut is crowned as Pharaoh, she grooms her daughter, Neferure, to take the place of heir, rather than her stepson, Thutmose III. Neferure, though young, is still older than the boy who should by all rights be king.

The future of Egypt rests in the hand of a single woman, alone in her time. Can Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s people accept the new reign, and her plans to usurp the men, decreeing only women as the rightful rulers of Egypt?

Pre-order now at SmashwordsGoogle Play, Google Books, release date June 1, 2017! And coming soon to other retailers!


Other Books from Metamorph Publishing!

Unrelenting Hell (Apocalyptic Book 1) by young author Alana Madden is now available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and Google Books! Look for the paperback at the following retailers!

Barnes and Noble
Ebay (signed copies)

Cover Art © 2016 Metamorph Publishing

Cover Art © 2016
Metamorph Publishing

The world is not what it used to be…
18-year-old Katherine Owens is the daughter of survivalists. She knows how to take care of herself. Then, the unthinkable happens: the apocalypse. Now, she must use her skills to survive this world, one with new rules and harsher realities.

Kevin Lockheart comes from a family of military veterans. He knows what to do in a crisis. His world comes crashing down when the apocalypse takes the ground out from under him. Then, he meets Kat, and his world turns upside down once more when he falls for this stubborn woman.

Zombies roam freely; humans can’t be trusted. Every choice is life or death. People die at every turn, and danger lurks. Survivors must learn no place is safe; their lives are always at stake!

Home page here.



rubies ebook

Rubies from the Heart: Dark Poetry is a collection of dark and gothic poetry from award-winning author Cynthia Ruby. This collection includes the title “Knowledge”, 1994 Mojo Mystique honorary mention. Cynthia, an author living in the desert of west Texas, won 3rd place in the 100,000 Poets for Change in Slam Poetry, as well as winning the Haiku in the same year. From patriotic speech to poems about a mother dealing with a video game-addicted child, there is something for everyone in this collection of poems and haiku. Home page here.



Light original awardDecember Awethology Light Volume is a collection of holiday stories brought to you from all over the world by the #Awethors. You can find author Markie Madden’s story, A Very Pepper Christmas, as well as debut author Natasha Madden’s Christmas story, A Very Spartan Christmas. This is a great short and easy read for people of all ages, and the e-book is available for free across all the major retailers!

The paperback book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well, published by Plaisted Publishing house, which you can find at their website.


The Undead Unit Series

There are currently four books available in the series, and book 5 is on the way! The author has about twenty of these books already planned!

Over a hundred years in the future, it’s a world where supernatural beings (Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, and more) live and work among humans. Of course, the government has forced them to take the Undead Oath in order to gain citizenship; they must not prey on humans for food. They’re given tasks in jobs suited for their species, but just as among other minorities, they must struggle to prove themselves.

As if dealing with racial prejudice isn’t enough, there is also a criminal element, just as there is with any group of beings living in society. The Dallas Police Department has introduced an elite new squad made up of Undead officers and detectives. This unit is dedicated to solving crimes involving Immortals. Headed by veteran lieutenant Lacey Anderson, can the Undead Unit overcome its obstacles, both internal and external, or will it be doomed to failure?

Book One: Fang and Claw

Book Two: Souls of the Reaper

Book Three: Blood Lust

Book Four: Siren Song

Book Five: Ashes to Ashes (Fall 2017)

Book Six:  Angel of Mercy (Date TBA)

Book Seven: Blue Moon (Date TBA)


Ashes to Ashes (Undead Unit 5)

With the success of the Undead Unit spreading through law enforcement agencies around the world, Lacey and Colton are sent to Egypt to teach their officials how to form and manage an Undead Unit of their own.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government is preparing to unveil a startling secret: the resurrection of ancient pharaoh Akenaten, using DNA from this unpopular leader’s mummy to create a new body for him.

Long thought dead, Horemheb’s ancient religious cult still lives on in the form of an Immortal Phoenix, who does everything in his power to prevent the reanimation of Egypt’s most infamous ruler. Can Lacey and Colton stop him, before he sabotages this scientific breakthrough?


Siren Song (Undead Unit 4)


Cover Art © 2016
Metamorph PublishingCan the Undead Unit resist the call of the Siren?

Singer/songwriter Briona Solis is one of the top musicians in the world. Her voice is acclaimed as the most radiant on the planet, and she has a gorgeous figure to match. When her band Solace books a two-week tour in Dallas, shows are sold out.

Kirsten Wagner is found in a deserted alley just minutes away from the concert. She’s in shock and barely alive; her eyes have been removed with surgical precision. The team struggles to gather information on their case, hoping to prevent another assault.

And Kirsten isn’t the only one. Each night brings a new victim. The Undead Unit must race against time to catch the perpetrator. Will they be able to resist the call of the Siren, or will these cases go unsolved forever?

Blood Lust (Undead Unit 3)

Cover Art © 2016 Metamorph Publishing

Cover Art © 2016
Metamorph Publishing

On the front cover: Is the man Lacey loves really a murderer?
Lacey is awakened by a chilling phone call. Her boyfriend, a Vampire, wakes alone in his home, covered in blood, with no memory of what happened. It looks like he’s violated the Undead Oath, and fed on a human.

While he’s in custody, more reports come in from all over the city. Other Vampires, covered in human blood, know nothing about what they’ve done. Lacey and her team struggle to find the person responsible for framing Vampires for murder.

Can the Undead Unit put a stop to the worst hate crime in Dallas’ history, and can Lacey overcome accusing the man she loves of homicide?

Souls of the Reaper (Undead Unit 2)

Souls New

Souls of the Reaper Cover Art © 2016 Metamorph Publishing

A rogue Reaper is on the loose in the city of Dallas. Su Xiong is a sociopath with no care for human life. He steals souls whose numbers are not yet up in order to become a more powerful Immortal.

While he’s on the prowl to gain power, his soulless victims roam the streets without morals, without inhibitions, without any code of conduct or social mores. Crime has risen tenfold: petty crimes, road rage, prostitution, drinking, and gambling. But for each soul that he captures and keeps, his own mental stability begins to degrade, a fact that Xiong is dangerously blind to.

Can Lacey and Colton, along with Doctors Matthews and Dilorenzo, find him and stop him, before the insanity inside spoils the souls he holds within? Home page here. Also available in censored young adult version.

Fang and Claw (Undead Unit 1)

Fang and Claw Print Cover Copyright 2016 Metamorph Publishing

Fang and Claw Print Cover
Copyright 2016 Metamorph Publishing

Lieutenant Lacey Anderson of the Dallas Police Department heads up a elite new squad dedicated to solving crimes involving Immortals like herself. Lacey, a Vampire left for dead when her family was slaughtered by Werewolves, still has nightmares about the attack.

Detective Colton Scarber is her unwilling partner and second-in-command. He’s a Werewolf, a descendant of those who killed Lacey’s coven. She’s unaware of this, but she doesn’t trust him from the start. When the fragile beginning of the team is threatened by the truth, can they learn to trust one another as partners must, or will the Undead Unit be doomed to failure?

A mysterious suspect and strange physical evidence leads them to solve a case spanning decades, and leaves Lacey with no other choice but to rely on her enemy when her very life is at stake! Home page here. Also available in censored young adult version.

The Undead Unit Trading Cards are here!

Start your collection now with the Undead Unit cards 0-5! Each card is round, and features a species on one side, and vital facts on the other. Get yours today for just $1 each! Or, save by getting the six card starter pack! The cards go hand-in-hand with the books of the Undead Unit series!

 Clash of Times: The Quest

Cover Art © 2017
Metamorph Publishing

Young Susan finds herself moved far away from her childhood home, and betrothed to the prince of a neighboring kingdom. She vows to hate her new husband, but when they are young adults, an unstoppable force destroys their homes and families, and he is the only one she can turn to.

Prince Joseph fell in love with her the moment their eyes met. But her prickly attitude tells him that he will have to work hard to win her affections. And when circumstances out of his control throws them together, he would give his own blood to keep her safe.

Together, are they strong enough to defeat the most unlikely of foes, and free the people of the Western Empire from slavery? Or will they simply vanish into the hourglass of time, two small grains of sand lost forever in history? Home page here.

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