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  • Admission Policy

    Our Ideal number of children in classes is 20 and the maximum number of students in any class shall not exceed 25 in any circumstance.

    All prospective children from age 4 are assessed according to a set of pre-determined criteria (literacy, numeracy and comprehension skills) to determine the student’s ability and aptitude.

    Senior School Students will sit for the school entrance exam in Math, English & Science.

    A Level candidates must meet the entry requirements as stated in the A Level Programme guide. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

    Depending on the outcome of the assessment and space availability, a place is offered.

    Placement and assessment for students in Creche, Pre-School and Junior school is according to the age of the pupil as below:

    Penguins – 3 months and above
    Teletubbies – 12 months and above

    Power Rangers (Pre Nursery) – 2 years and above
    Explorers (Nursery) – 3 years and above
    Skylanders (Reception) – 4 years and above

    Junior School
    Year 1 – 5 years and above
    Year 2 – 6 years and above
    Year 3 – 7 years and above
    Year 4 – 8 and above
    Year 5 – 9 and above
    Year 6 – 10 and above

    Admission to classes in the High School and A-Level school is based on the last class of the student and our assessment

    High School
    Year 7
    Year 8
    Year 9
    Year 10
    Year 11
    Year 12 – Sixth Form
    Year 13 – A Level