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Allen Cain: Truth, Justice, Magic is a Young Adult superhero adventure by author Roger Whitmire of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Allen Cain published in 2016 by Metamorph Publishing, and the wonderful cover design is by Chip Skelton. Find us on Facebook!

About Allen Cain:

It’s 2087, and things have changed. With added technology of robots and medical breakthroughs, the world should be a better place. But evil still abounds among humankind.

Allen Cain is an extraordinary man; he’s a witch blessed with the power of prophetic visions. Along with his wife, Mary, and their friends Jason and Karen Johnson, he assists well-known superhero The Green Tornado in an epic battle against evil.

The Green Tornado, and his spouse, Shadow Lady, pit their skills against the evil Black Cobra and his sidekick, Lady Death. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Can good overcome evil, once and for all?

Allen Cain

Cover Art © 2016
Chip Skelton


You can find Allen Cain in paperback right now at Createspace, and coming soon to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you prefer e-books, no problem! Allen Cain is currently available for pre-order through Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Google Books, Google Play, Smashwords, and Kobo e-reader devices. This book will release in e-format on September 1, but you can save money by ordering it now at the special pre-order price of $1.99! You will not be charged until the book releases on September 1.

About the Author

Roger Whitmire was born in St. Louis, Missouri on March 18, 1965. He’s been a life-long fan of superheros and of stage magic. In 1968, his family moved to the small town of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, where he’s lived ever since.
Roger’s favorite TV shows are Charmed, Doctor Who,and The Vampire Diaries. Roger enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction novels from various authors including J.R.R. Tolkien and J. K. Rowling, as well as independent author Markie Madden. He also enjoys reading comics and graphic novels. Some of the new inventions talked about in technology documentaries helped to inspire his first novel, Allen Cain.
At the time of this printing, Roger is working on a sequel to this novel, titled Allen Cain: The City in the Sky.

© 2016 by Chip Skelton

© 2016 by
Chip Skelton

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