Indie author, publisher, cover artist, and founder of Metamorph Publishing Marguerite Markie Madden

Photo by Jesse Madden

There are so many social media networks out there, it’s hard to know just where to find someone! We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible. We’ve created this page full of social media links so you can find our authors, illustrators, and cover artists!

Finding Metamorph Publishing is easier than ever, no matter what social media network you might prefer to use! Click any of the links below to go directly to our page on that site!

To find one of our author’s digital autographs for a Metamorph Publishing e-book, come see us on Authorgraph and request your own personal digital autograph!

Come be a part of our A-List street team on Facebook! This is a group of die hard fans who love to help promote and share our brand! Also, volunteer to be a Beta reader for a chance to get advance copies of future releases!



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