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  • Our High School

    Our High School ensures all our students follow a broad study programme, carefully designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum of England and Wales. As an international school we are proud to provide the highest possible standard of education to our students, enabling them to compete in an increasingly competitive global environment.

    The educational programme offered in Dexterity International schools is designed to provide a world-class curriculum that helps produce learners who are self-assured, accountable, creative and inspired. The students will receive carefully planned experiences that will provide them with many opportunities to develop academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

    Dexterity International schools curriculum provides an academically challenging, yet fun experience. This addresses various learning styles, thereby developing intellectual curiosity and the life skills required for successful learning. It promotes the development of clear and independent thinkers in preparation for the next stage of the child’s academic pursuit.
    Key stages 3 and 4 have their own distinct curriculum, complemented by a wide range of co-curricular programmes and a structured pastoral care system. We desire for our students to listen attentively in class, collaborate with their peers and learn how to study. With the advancement in technology, we want students to be confident in their use of various devices as they are with their books.

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    Our Curriculum

    We provide opportunities for students to study the broadest possible range of subjects and to acquire a variety of important…

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    What you get

    At Dexterity International Schools Provide our students with the highest standards of teaching and learning based on the English…

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    Key stage 3

    The Key stage 3 curriculum is designed for ages 11 to 14 children. At the end of this stage, the students write Checkpoint Examination…

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    Key stage 4

    After the Checkpoint Examination, our students spend the next two years preparing for the IGCSE exam. At the end of Year…

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    Sixth Form

    At Dexterity International school our students sit for IGCSE exam in year 11 so our year 12 which we refer to as sixth form is optional for…