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An interview can help an author as much as a review can! Here’s where you can find interviews with leading indie author Markie Madden all over the internet. Some are done by other authors and bloggers, some are done by the website themselves, such as Book Reader Magazine. If you visit a link by another blogger to read an interview, please remember to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ their blogs or pages.

Interview of Markie Madden

Markie Madden believes in helping her fellow independent authors as much as possible. She organized an interview swap with other authors on LinkedIn. This had an incredible response! She’s now expanded this to a group on Facebook. Markie and fellow author Claire Plaisted are the group admins.

Markie is a little bit shy when it comes to an interview. She says that’s become worse since her recent bout with cancer and the resulting side effects. But she is a strong and passionate author, willing to go the extra mile to help others out. Since she no longer has a “day” job, as she puts it, she spends her time working through social media, marketing, publishing, and of course, writing! She says she is glad to have the support of her family, for better and for worse.

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Interviews — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Markie, this is Stephen, didn’t we do an interview about a year ago? I’m sure I can send you the link if you would like to post it. I would love to continue to help other authors along the way.

    • That would be great! Somewhere along the line I decided to keep track of them, and I went back to get as many as I could remember! Send to admin at my website dot com, if you don’t mind.

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