Keeping a Backyard Horse
Always wanted a horse of your own? Check out Keeping a Backyard Horse to learn how to care for your equine friend!

Keeping a Backyard Horse is an Amazon #1 best-selling horse care guide written by Markie Madden. In this easy-to-understand book, you’ll find out exactly what kind of care your horse friend needs. What vocabulary is necessary is explained either in the text or in the included glossary. The book is also narrated by Athena the horse, the author’s own “backyard horse”, so you’ll get the information “straight from the horse’s mouth” (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun)!

Keeping a Backyard Horse

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This Amazon best-selling book has been sold in countries all over the world, including Ireland, the UK, Australia, and Japan. In fact, Keeping a Backyard Horse is available through Japan-based e-book distributor UPub, where it has had 46 downloads out of 48 page views! Outstanding!

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Reviews for Keeping a Backyard Horse:


Melissa Moretz on August 18, 2015 5*
Great info and advice!

Debbie August 11, 2015 5*
Very informative.

Katelyn July 26, 2015 5*
Good tips on horses. Helpful information that touched on the basics. Good read for anybody who is keeping their horse at home.

Darswords July 18, 2015 4*
In my latest research on all things possible on that acre I will, I hope, be living on soon, I thought I would entertain my twelve-year-old self with a bit of horsing around. When this book presented itself as free, I had to grab it. I wasn’t disappointed.
This book is chocked full of information a newbie would need before acquiring a backyard horse. Imagine that, a backyard horse. Yeah, this fed the imagination. Don’t know if a 65-year-old has any hope of starting out with a horse, especially with my osteoporosis. But I can dream, can’t I?
Okay, the only thing I did find a problem with beyond the possibilities, is that this book attempts to be written from the horse’s point of view. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold true very long. I think the author would have done better by not incorporating this idea. The changing viewpoints made me dizzy. That is the only reason I am not giving this book five stars. Because other than that method of writing, the book was quite interesting. And made me wish…

Valerie July 13, 2015 5*
After growing up with horses, then an extended time without them I found this to be an exceptional, concise and thoroughly helpful resource. I listened to the audio format and the narrator, Barbara Colvin really brings it alive from the viewpoint of Athena, Ms. Madden’s own horse, making it wonderfully entertaining and engaging.
In this wonderful guide Ms. Madden covers a wide range of topics from general information like food, shelter, pest control, some great suggestions on how to purchase your first horse, to tack, grooming, medical care and so much more.
When I was younger, I raised and trained quarter horses for barrel racing and found this guide to be a great refresher. Her particular purpose is to educate new/prospective owners and prevent accidental horse neglect. A laudable purpose indeed, especially since in Texas alone countless numbers of horses are put out in a corral with bare ground and only rusty troughs for water. It’s infuriating.
Keeping a Backyard Horse is MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all new/potential owners as well as anyone wanting a quick refresher reference guide accessible to all ages.

Lynne Murray “Author” June 24, 2015 5*
During my childhood when we lived on an acre of land we had a few backyard horses over those years. One farrier tending to a horse’s feet told us, “Your horses are just pets.” He was right, but I don’t regret it and I don’t think the horses did either. This book brings back memories of these lovely, loveable critters! It would have been very useful to have a lot of this information (e.g., I didn’t know about the eyes and two halves of a horse’s brain being separate, so that leading a horse into a new space in one direction and then the other helps the horse process the boundaries completely. One of many things in this book that would have been cool to know!) There weren’t that many helpful guides during my horsekeeping days. Fiction isn’t always informative. I think I wore out my copy of Margaret Cabell Self’s Horsemastership–it had some really cool poetical stuff but it didn’t address the practical issues of making a horse comfortable in a relatively small area. Keeping a Backyard Horse contains lots of essential tips on keeping horses healthy and happy.
This book does a real service in giving potential horse owners realistic a understanding of what to expect. An extremely valuable resources! Sadly, there’s no way to keep a horse in an urban apartment, so I enjoyed the book vicariously!

P.S. Winn June 12, 2015 5*
This book has everything about horses, whether you have one, want one, or just like to learn, you will find all the information you need in this book. The author did a great job keeping the information precise and written in a way all can understand and enjoy reading about. It is easy to see this author is a horse lover and has their best interest at heart. very interesting book.

Natasha Madden January 12, 2015 5*
I was given this book free on Smashwords, and It was a wonderful read! A great way to tell average people about how to basically care for horses, through the mind of a horse! “Keeping a Backyard Horse” is simple enough for everyone to understand and the slight element of humor makes it that much more enjoyable. The included diagrams emphasize what Athena is explaining so you can actually see what is being described. For those who are thinking of buying a horse, I recommend getting “Keeping a Backyard Horse” to get yourself started.

January Gray October 19, 2014 5*
As a horse owner I highly recommend this book to new or hopeful horse owners. Loaded with information, but doesn’t get bogged down. Very accurate information.

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Sativa Taylor-collis August 22, 2015 5*
So amaze I loved it!

Lisa Mclaughlin July 29, 2015 5*
Amazing book!

Sara Starska July 2, 2015 5*
Helpful. I loved it and it is very useful as I go horse riding every Tuesday.

Tamsyn Walden June 8, 2015 5*
Thank you. Thanks, lots of tips. Loved it.

Jess Wardly 1*
Boring It is just continously pointless facts

Asil3440 Asil3040 January 29, 2015 5*
It’s the best book ever!

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