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  • Our Parent/School Partnership

    At Dexterity International Schools, each education is a partnership between home and school. Regular communication with parents is vital to a successful school experience for both parent and student. The school has an open-door policy for parents who wish to meet with the school leadership team, though it is always better to make an appointment.

    Before a child starts school, parents have already played a fundamental role in providing early learning experiences. Teachers at Dexterity International Schools value the continued involvement of parents in the education of their child.

    The school encourages parents to come into classes and share their knowledge and experiences with the students through lectures and workshops. Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time and to take an active interest in school programmes and activities.

    A weekly Newsletter informs parents of ongoing events and our regular Parent-Teacher Association meetings and Open-days provides an opportunity for parents to monitor and be kept informed about the progress of their children. All parents are automatically part of the PTA, In addition, class teachers and form tutors routinely email parents with updates on their child’s progress and performance. We also hold regular Parent Workshops to keep our parents abreast of the Curriculum taught in school.