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  • Our Teaching Approach

    Providing children with the breadth of skills they need to become healthy and active members of the society requires the kind of learning that cultivates empathy, fosters resilience, encourages creativity, and promotes cognitive processing. Research shows that learning happens best when it is done in a way that is practical, relevant, and engaging—rather than theoretical and de-contextualized—and that learning happens everywhere, anytime. Fostering breadth of skills requires a transformation of the traditional education model to one that puts research from the learning sciences into action—employing a hands-on, minds-on approach to education that capitalizes on children’s natural propensity to learn.

    At Dexterity International Schools we use “hands-on, minds-on” learning. These ideas have an empirical basis in the learning sciences, but hands-on, minds-on also appeals to our common sense: Children learn best when they are engaged. Children could be asked the question, “Why does it rain?” But rather than memorize and recite a series of steps for how precipitation occurs, their teacher can ask them to work in groups to produce a report, one which requires them to go outside and observe the rain falling, using critical thinking skills, creativity, and teamwork to problem-solve.

    In this way, Dexterity International Schools equips our young people with mastery of subject-matter content and breadth of skills simultaneously.