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  • 2 Dexterity Close, Behind Polaris Bank, Ring Road, Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Our Uniqueness

    Choosing the right school marks a new beginning in the life of your child, it is therefore important that every parent takes time to explore the educational options open to their child.

    Well-rounded education is of paramount importance at Dexterity International Schools. We guide all students to develop personal integrity and leadership skills which they can draw from for the rest of their lives.

    Dexterity International Schools is the first Skill acquisition school in Nigeria, we work closely with our children to discover what they could potentially be good at and then make them take one of our skill acquisition courses in addition to other subjects in our curriculum. Our skill acquisition subjects include Coding, Website designs, Animation, Graphic designs, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking and Performance, Creative writing, Presentation, Photography, Video editing, Motion graphics, Baking, Dancing etc.
    We provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment where we strive to make every student feel valued, happy and successful.

    We are an innovative school committed to excellence through a wide variety of activities both in and out of the classroom. Responsibility, enthusiasm, integrity and participation are expected. We accept, embrace and celebrate cultural diversity, while promoting the values of respect, honesty, compassion and kindness. We appreciate ourselves and others as individuals with rights and responsibilities, acting as conscientious global citizens. We are a community of life-long learners who can contribute to making our world a better place.

    We challenge students to explore and question, seek solutions, make informed decisions, solve problems, demonstrate tenacity and express themselves confidently. We empower students to take responsibility for their learning and to be recognized as young independent learners.