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Metamorph Publishing is excited to announce that award-winning poetry author Cynthia Ruby has joined our family! Her debut book, Rubies from the Heart: Dark Poetry, is scheduled for release at all major e-book retailers on March 21, 2016! This collection of poetry and haiku contains “Knowledge”, an honorable mention in the 1994 Mojo Mystique literary magazine contest, among other pieces. Cynthia herself had won 3rd place in the 100,000 Poets for Change contest in Slam Poetry, as well as winning first place in Haiku.  Rubies from the Heart is her first professional solo book, though Cynthia had pieces published in the anthology We Are the 500, available here.

Download a sample for Kindle, Nook, iPhone, Kobo, Google Books, or in PDF (readable by most computers).

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Cynthia Ruby lives in the desert of West Texas with her son and her cat, where she continues to write. She’s currently working on a screenplay, as well as directing a short film. Cynthia is a big supporter of independent bands in and around her hometown, as well as independent authors all over the world.

Cynthia has had work published in both her high school and university literary magazines, and she was editor and columnist for her high school newspaper. While in college she was a news reporter. She is also a voice performer and acted in a short film produced for the 2015 Permian Basin Horror Fest.

To find out more about Cynthia, visit her website!

Rubies from the Heart

Cover Art copyright
2016 Metamorph Publishing
And Markie Madden

Rubies from the Heart is published by Metamorph Publishing, and the cover was designed by author Markie Madden. It’s available right now for pre-order on SmashwordsKindle, Nook, iPhone, Kobo, and many more.  Rubies from the Heart will release on March 21, 2016, so hurry and get it now and lock in your special pre-order price of just $2.99! Cynthia plans to release a second volume of poetry in the future, and possibly other books.

The paperback version of Rubies from the Heart is now available at Amazon and Createspace.

Metamorph Publishing is hosting a Facebook release party, so please feel free to come along and offer your support to this budding Indie author, and pick up your copy! I promise, you won’t be disappointed! You can connect with Cynthia at any time by visiting her Facebook page!

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